Paola Aiello

Paola Aiello is Full Professor of Didactics and Special Pedagogy (M-PED/03) at the Department of Human, Philosophical and Educational Sciences (DISUFF) of the University of Salerno. She is currently Director of the Department and President of the Alta Scuola per la Formazione degli Insegnanti at the University of Salerno. She has been a visiting professor at foreign universities. Her research activity has mainly focused on the study of the relationship between body and cognition in the teaching-learning process and on teacher training to foster inclusive processes in formal and informal educational contexts. Her most recent publications include: Ronald Gulliford. Alle origini del concetto di Bisogno Educativo Speciale (2018), Inclusive Educational Principles, Policies and Practices in Ital. (2020), Pedagogia-didattica e saperi disciplinari: quale punto di congiunzione in ottica inclusiva? (2022).


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