Carmine Pinto

Carmine Pinto is Full Professor of Contemporary History (M-STO/04) at the University of Salerno, where he is currently Director of the Department of Humanities (DIPSUM). He has taught in European and Latin American universities. He coordinates the scientific committee of the Institute for the History of the Risorgimento and directs the Centre for Conflict Research. Current lines of research focus on mobilisation and political violence in the Euro-Atlantic world and in Risorgimento Italy; on the political-military crises of post-Cold War society, particularly in Latin America. Recent publications include: La guerra per il Mezzogiorno: italiani, borbonici e briganti 1860-1870 (2019), Crisis monárquica, guerras civiles, naciones posimperiales: una interpretación de los espacios borbónicos y de sus herencias (2020), Briganti, baroni e contadini. Borbonici e manutengoli delle bande di C.Crocco (2021), The Austrian Intervention in Naples in 1821. An Interpretation of the “External” Constraint (2022).