Pierluigi De Felice

Pierluigi De Felice is Second Level University Professor for the 11 / B1 (Geography) competition sector. II level Master in Geographic Information Systems for the monitoring and management of the territory at the University of Florence. Thesis title: “Renewable Energy, energy efficiency, territorial vocations and geodatabases. An operational hypothesis “(30/03/2012). University of Florence.

Agricultural geography, historical geography, toponymy, medical geography, food geography, historical cartography, geography and energy, cultural geography.

Geography of agriculture with research dedicated to the phenomena of land grabbing and land concentration investigated, the latter, through the GECOAGRI LANDITALY method of analysis.
Historical geography whose research has been dedicated to reconstructing the values ​​and territorial structures in the landscape schedule in order to promote a greater and sustainable awareness of cultural heritage and the landscape.
Toponymy aimed at investigating environmental and territorial vocations through the analysis of local names.
Medical geography with research dedicated to the relationship between nutrition and territory in a perceptive key and to the dynamics of health, environment and work.
Food geography with studies on the relationship between food, agriculture, the environment and the territory.
Historical cartography with studies dedicated to the reconstruction of territorial dynamics in Terra di Lavoro in the 17th-19th centuries and to the analysis of epigeal hydrography in the Terra Sancti Benedicti for the assessment of hydrogeological risk.
Geography and energy with studies and research dedicated to energy planning in relation to the change in the energy paradigm and in relation to environmental and territorial vocations. SEAP and IBE design for Municipalities adhering to the “Covenant of Mayors” for energy efficiency and for the reduction of climate-altering emissions.
Cultural geography with studies on cultural heritage in Terra di Lavoro and research on social and humanistic-cultural issues arising from the relationship between cinema and geography.

E-mail: pdefelice@unisa.it

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