Silvia Siniscalchi

Silvia Siniscalchi is Full Professor of Geography (M-GGR / 01) at the Department of Humanities of the University of Salerno.
He is currently scientific director of the GenderLab (Interdisciplinary Educational Laboratory of Gender Studies), active at the Dipsum of the University of Salerno.
He deals with the analysis and teaching of the territory, with particular regard to Historical Cartography and Toponymy, also with the aid of multimedia tools and Geographic Information Systems.
He is a member of the central committee of the Italian Center for Historical-Geographical Studies and of the main national geographic associations; he chairs the Campania regional section of the Italian Association of Geography Teachers. He collaborates on international, national and local research projects, contributing to the organization of conferences and cartographic exhibitions. His scientific production mainly includes studies of historical cartography and toponymy, didactics of geography, cartography, historical and cultural geography, geography of health and nutrition.