Verio Santoro

Verio Santoro is Full Professor at the Department of Humanities (DIPSUM), University of Salerno.
Currently Head of the Research Commission of the Department of Humanities (DIPSUM), University of Salerno.
His interests are strictly philological and linguistic, but he has not neglected aspects of philology of marked ideological and political relevance: the way of the Goths to literacy as search for ethnic identity; the establishment, during Carolingian times, of a clear awareness of vernacular German; lexical and textual criticism of German texts in Carolingian times; the activity of translation during the Germanic Middle Ages; structural and functional aspects of the multilingualism in medieval German poetry; linguistic communication in the Germanic Middle Ages; etymological and semantic issues of Germanic languages; development of Germanic legends in Germany during Reformation times); modern reception of medieval Germanic texts; role of philologists in the First World War and controversy around the meaning of “German philology” in classical studies in Italy in the first half of the twentieth century.


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