Verio Santoro

As professor and researcher I have focused my activity on several aspects of the Germanic languages and cultures during the Middle Ages. Among others: the Way of the Goths to Literacy as Search for Identity; the establishment, during Carolingian times, of a clear awareness of vernacular  German, its functions, its dignity, and the reason for its existence, not only in historical and political terms, but especially in theological terms; specific aspects of lexical and textual criticism of German texts in Carolingian times (Lay of Hildebrand, Muspilli, Notker III of Saint Gall); the activity of translation during the Germanic Middle Ages, especially in Old-Saxon and High-German: in particular, I focused on the Old-Saxon version of a sermon by a pseudo Bede, and on the translation methods of Notker III of Saint Gall; the presence of Northern magical concepts in the Old Saxon Poem Heliand; structural and functional aspects of the use of multilingualism in medieval German poetry (De Henrico, Carmina Burana); mutual intelligibility among speakers of early Germanic dialects; specific etymological and semantic issues of Germanic languages (in particular linguistic and cultural aspects of germ. *arga– and of Old High-German friunt); singular evidence of linguistic and cultural contacts between the German and the Arab worlds during the late Middle Ages; the development of German legends during Reformation and Counter-reformation times (Lay of Hürnen Seyfrid); the modern reception of medieval Germanic texts (The Lay of the Nibelungs, The Battle of Maldon); the heated debate that developed in Italy during the first decades of the XX century regarding the value and the meaning of the term “philology”.

Responsibilities and teaching activities
Erasmus Coordinator for exchanges with the Leibniz Universität of Hannover (RFG) and the Otto von Guericke Universität Magdeburg (RFG); Member of the Scientific Committee of the magazine “Schola Salernitana” and of the Editorial Board of the magazine “Filologia Germanica- Germanic Philology”; Director of the scientific series Bokareis, Collana di filologia e linguistica germanica (Aracne Editrice); 2015-2020 President of the AIFG  “Italian Association of Germanic Philology”.